Town views

That’s close enough thank you. The view of London City from atop Parliament Hill.

I see this every morning on my London power walk.

A fine thing on Hampstead Heath.

And I love this more domestic scaled view as I trot (well, power walk) down the hill on the other side.

A little suburb nestled among the trees. Church steeple, hospital, houses, gardens. Pleasing.

The hospital stuff is on the agenda this week, so I offer you my favourite ‘garden’ views. To reach my hospital I am obliged to take a detour through a cemetery.

The irony is not lost on me. And I bet the nurses are sick of all the patients making the same tired jokes when they turn up for their appointments.

But we are dwelling on the good bits this week. So I offer you another glimpse of a project to come. Gerard has promised me a go on his drone!

Thrilling. Here is how the farm looked in the 1970s. When I stagger back we ought to see an updated version. Taken from the same angle.

This one was taken by a pilot making a bit of extra money snapping aerial views of properties in the mountains. Beats flying over and spotting fires. We have had yet another very dry hot summer and every sound of a plane overhead makes people cringe.

Rain? Don’t hold your breath.