Springtime blossom

The fleeting delights of blossom in spring.

Our mimosa trees / weeds have been pumping out a display for weeks. I’m waiting for the blossom to go over so I can hard prune.

But other blossoms are much more fleeting. The almond comes first here at altitude.

But I treat the springtime display so blithely that I forget to photograph it most years. I’m just thrilled the grove (four trees?) I planted survives each winter, so the blossom is a bonus. And a boon for the early bees.

(Plus I’m always trying to avoid shots of the monster fibre optic cable pole just behind these trees. We have eschewed the invitation to connect to la Fibre, but have to live with the pole.)

Next up comes all the plum and cherry blossom.

It’s the most fun thing about this particular patch of plums. They barely deliver in the fruiting department.

Others are so towering that we have no chance of enjoying any fruit. But happy to have the view.

And if I am too busy I miss the bank of quince blossom.

But I will be up there to cut branches for bouquets later.

Our new additions to the farm are very exciting this Easter.

A new mower! And one that is lithium powered rather than petrol. The batteries weigh about five kilos each. And it is not silent, but definitely less rattling and gurning than our old petrol mower. It has done its 17 year’s service and will be parked up next to the shiny new one. Only brought out for the very rough mowing down on the lower terraces I think.

And let’s have a sweepstake on how long I keep these beautiful birthday secateurs…. I’ve lost two pairs in the past year and a half. Which is definitely Not Good.

Oh, and speaking of Not Good. Christine, I had the same ‘delight’ as you had on waking this morning.

Freeze dried, snap frozen spring blossom on the trees.

Sigh. It doesn’t make picking flowers for bouquets any easier.