what on earth does a film researcher do?

Sell the rights of your book to a production company and dream of turning it into a blockbuster film? What happens next?

That’s where I come in. I burrow into your book or story or idea; creating a detailed summary in the first instance and then hand it up the line for our favourite star scriptwriters to create a three page treatment. A possible screen story.

If the production company or director likes what they see, back the treatment comes to me.

Background, detailed character analysis, historical accuracy, period dialogue, exact timelines of events, further research on characters missing from the story. There is nowhere a script researcher won’t go.

Be it 13th century Scotland, 18th century France, zombie vampires rampaging in San Francisco next week, or just the dark recesses of mad novelists minds.

My detailed reports then go back to form part of the screen story and once again, if luck and budgets are on your side, the production company might commission a script. And back it comes to me….

Who we work for...

I never tell. But here is a hint…
I never tell. But here is a hint…


“Brilliant. Perfect. Every detail of the character’s past history, personality and attitude is just right. Thank you”

“Thanks for everything Lindy – you’re a legend!”