Mountain views

That glorious September light. When it’s not quite autumn, not finished with summer, but the afternoon glow just bounces off the mountains.

Love September.

These views are from a quick trip to my closest perched village just ten minutes drive from the house. Useful for house guests!

Where every turn in the cobbled street offers you something picturesque and winsome.

And even the roses are clinging on around the door of the pilgrim hotel.

I had a quick look through my recent posts and I think we have all had a surfeit of flowers. I’m getting lazy. The potager is the closest most colourful part of the garden and you are getting bombarded with blooms.

So for a bit of balance, I’m going to try and snap something beyond that plot.

Have a snap of my favourite house in town.

Isn’t it gorgeous? All boarded up and silent. In my exhausted state I imagine living here. A town garden. Plenty of room around this huge home for some imaginative landscaping. A mere stroll to the boulangerie and the shops. Wouldn’t that be fab?

And then I have to remind myself that were I to live in such a beast it would be utterly freezing in winter, every need to go to another room would require a trek. And I would be driven mad by that country town buzz of young lads on souped up mopeds drag racing each other around the streets.

So count my blessings. This sort of thing on my morning walk. Two chateaux to admire and not have to heat.

And the most ‘traffic’ I have to endure right now are a maximum of six cars, randomly zooming past on the not so busy road.

Yep. I’ll take it.