City views

I was going to post this as the featured image for this city story.

Heaps of riot police getting in between my trips to little boutiques and parks.

Paris is the most fascinating and beguiling and frankly exhausting city I visit.

And I always, always, get indigestion from over-indulging. Mal au foie. Is that the same as biliousness? It’s certainly true that any trip to this wonderful city seems to involve me eating too much, too richly, too well.

At least I walk it off. I started off around the 14th arrondissement and headed all the way to Repubique. To buy a toothbrush. And then walked all the way back. So about a round trip of 17 kms in one day (over ten miles). But it’s just so much fun.

But the din. The clamour. The very Paris of it all. Needless to say I had a surfeit of joy after just one and a half days. And now it’s back to the beige and drought stricken farm.

But at least there is this.

Oh yes. No chance of mal au foie with these beauties. Sunday promises to be a wet one, (our first wet rainy day in weeks! Months?) so I shall be indoors making tomato sauces and baking and all sorts of tidying my room stuff. And putting away the little fripperies I couldn’t resist from the shop-fest that is Paris.