The Spring mow

Well hello stranger.

I know, I know.

I am only just back at the garden after some marvellous adventures.

After Marseille where we were swanning around gardens, it was a quick trip to Girona.

That was to avoid the biblical weather we had over Easter. Storms, gales, 170mm of rain …are we allowed to have an episode Cevenol in March? It’s new to me. These storms usually roar in around October.

One day back to pack and off we went to Scotland.

Landing the plane during storm Kathleen was sporting.

As was battling up Arthur’s Seat. But look at that fabulous Scottish light… well worth almost getting airborne.

If I can steal some precious time in the next weeks I will fill you in on these adventures.

Right now I have nipped back for a few days to harvest the main Spring crop…

And then it’s back to London for one last week. Then real life resumes.

And if you study that picture carefully you can see the challenge of travel during the vital spring growing season.

These asparagus spears are enormous.

I had to cut back like mad to hopefully get some normal sized veg in a few days time.

The month of April is our best time for grilling and feasting. But the fibrous chewing that takes place when you have rapiers rather than spears…

The compost heap is being lavishly fed.

And I feel like a ruminant.

Luckily my wondrous new mower has been a joy to manoeuvre around the farm.

So far I get round to most of the main garden areas with just two battery charges.

I can’t believe I chose the hottest day of the year (so far) to race about. It hit 25C today and I was basting in my own juices.

But when you only have a few precious days then you work like a lunatic and then collapse in a heap.

A happy heap.

It’s still just the first mow, so things are fluffy. But I will start my proper sculpting of the curves in ten days time.