Rose New Dawn flowering

1rosenewdawnThat will teach me for pruning this rose properly. Last autumn I finally got round to properly taming this beastie.  I cut it back, tied it in and generally forgot all about it.

The New Dawn is now flowering like mad. And showing me that I really needed to add another horizontal wire high up above the top of the wall.1rosenewdawnwall

It is, alas, still shy about smelling floral. But the best thing is that I now don’t need to use a torch if I nip down to the potager in the gloaming; the roses glow in the dark.

I tested it out last night when I remembered I had left the potager gate open.

My timing was not brilliant. I was fed and watered and in my pjs.  But just the merest threat of our local deer finding their way into my lush and exuberant vegetable garden had me off the sofa and twinkling out in a trice.