Bolting lettuce

1lettuceboltingBlousy, over ripe, over abundance.

I didn’t write any further as I realised that blousy doesn’t look right. Blowsy. It all looks wrong.  Blowsy looks too similar to blow flies. And we have enough of those battling their way out the windows or rushing to get inside the front door.

The spell checker thinks I ought to write ‘realized’ as well.  Not a good start.

And I started my day thinking that the potager has just started escaping from me.  Ten days of massive hot weather means the lettuce wants to go only one way – up.  And that means it will be lost to the salad bowl.

Every time I walk past I snap off the leaves that are bolting, and I  can taste bitter more than crunchy lunch. 1redlettuce

But then I console myself with the knowledge that most of my lettuce crop is a self seeded delight. So I will let them go to seed to make sure I get next year’s crop.

But I do need to sow more.  But not this week. I seem to recall that lettuce won’t germinate when it’s too warm. So may I have some cool weather please? Otherwise I’ll be sowing my seeds in the cool of the basement. The potting shed is just way too toasty.

It’s deliciously empty. Save for snoozing cat. And some chewed brassica crops. But I’ll save that for another day. There’s only so much bolting lettuce and chewed brassica one can have in a day.