Cherry season

1noirdemechAh, the delicious glut of the cherries. I feel as though we have been eating cherries for months.  The Boucharnoux cherries were the first ones when my sister and mother were visiting a few weeks ago.

And now our wild cherries planted down the road are bursting with fruit.  And I’m even more thrilled to discover that the Noir de Meched tree (you can see the fat juicy fruit above) is a late fruiting variety.  It is only now coming into plump ripeness.

That spins out the cherry season nicely.  And I have two more young trees coming along nicely. The deer haven’t discovered them yet. Nor Ulysse.

Oh yes, the horse just loves his cherries. And last night I looked out (not long after the deer fence dash) to see the naughty beast munching his way through the low hanging branches on the lower terrace. 1ulysse cherries

He has obviously worked his way through all the fruit on his farm and noticed the electric fence was down and came down to ours.

My friend Claudia saw this shot as asked whether we had a blue unicorn on the farm. He does rather glow in the dark as well. First roses and now horses.

But unless you think I just spend my day wandering around eating cherries (with the Unwanted Consequences) I don’t.

1cherrieslawnI was mowing today. The Big Mow. It takes about six hours. And it was almost fun with all the snack stops on the way.

The lower terrace didn’t really need that much of a mow. The weather has been too warm for much lush growth.

But you can never leave these terrace on their own for long. The self seeded cherries and chestnuts pop up everywhere.

And as much as I love my fruit crop; there is a limit to the number of trees. About fifty cherry trees is more than enough. So no more cherries thanks.