Languid lady of leisure

gertie detailFor the first time in months it feels like the pressure had relented. No deadlines. No mad scramble to try and finish a project.

This morning I did what to me is fantasy gardening. Swanning about with a wicker basket, dead heading roses and mooching about.

I have a nifty little pair of Japanese secateurs which are just perfect for roses.  A small pair which fit easily in the hand and the back pocket. They snip the fading heads off the roses in no time.  And I’m collecting more and more roses for drying this year.  drying

I usually make batches galore of strawberry and rose petal jam, but I seem to be out of synch.  Not enough strawberries (we are eating them for dessert) and too many roses.  So the strawberry and rose petal jams will have to be a delicacy and a treat. Just a dozen jars. And I won’t have time to make more this season as I’m heading to London for a spot of paid work (of the screenwriting variety.)

sticksBut luckily I have other plans for the rose petals.  I have covered the table in my office with metal drying racks and am dumping petals galore each day. If all goes well with them, I will have enough to make some fun products. More news soon.

I did start the day with my usual forest foraging. I’m collecting chestnut branches for my fence. There’s a deadline for you. I want to finish it by Tuesday. And the number of branches required is astonishing.  I seem to spend hours hunting out the right sized branch; not too thick, but super long and straight. And then dragging them out of the forest.

I’ve stuck to the east forest so far, but tomorrow I need to venture forth into the lower terraces.  Wild boar territory.  That should be fun. allium christophii

I’m fading fast, so will end here.  But a quick visual note: the alliums have loved this wet long season of non Spring.  The allium christophii come back year after year in the lilac bed in the east garden.

herb plus everestAnd the allium everests in the herb garden are just going over.  I am not convinced they are the most electric of alliums in this harsh southern France sun.

I’m going to see if they return next year. But will definitely go for the Allium purple sensation.  An annual in my garden, but unsurpassed.