Confined to barracks

indoor cookingI’m backtracking a bit.  Here was my news from the dreaded storm last week.  No internet, no outdoor play. What on earth could I do? Well, I wasn’t so desperate that I would tidy my office.

But I did do a spot of indore choredom, to stave off boredom. I backed my usual suspects – cycle bars and a jostaberry tart.

These are the amazing flapjacks that don’t use any butter. The oats bind with sweetened condensed milk.  walnuts

And while the oven was still warm from all the baking I popped in the walnuts to dry them a bit.

I messed up last year; picking the walnuts as they dropped, but failing to dry them.  They were a mouldy mordant surprise. And no fun at all.

winter displayAnd then I did a spot of flower arranging – moving into the autumn displays of sedums and lavender for the big vase in the entrance hallway.

All the while looking out the huge south facing window, appalled by the sight of yet more rain.

It only lasted three days. The sleep deprivation from all the nights of thunde and lightning were the worst.

That, and fussing about Artur. I knew he was stranded in the potting shed. But the dear old critter must be a bit deaf, he looked rested and refreshed when I eventually sloshed up to find him.  Unlike his human counterpart.