Playing in the sandpit

starting wallJust pausing to remove a bit more soil from my fingernails. And my ears. Why is it that playing in the gardener’s equivalent of the sand pit is so gritty?

I’ve been at my wall today. And it’s done.

I can’t call it a work of art; but I was determined to only recycle the rocks and stones I found in the soil below the fallen wall.  So it’s a bit titchy.

But as we say in the mediterreanean garden: irises hide all sins. Well, they just break up the wall a bit.

It is the only thing I have planted as I want to think about what to put in this bank. I’m thinking of the usual suspects of santolina, purple sage, viburnum and portuguese laurel. finished wall

It will add some cohesion to the whole garden area.

I had thought of lavenders, but actually they are just too grey for the hornbeams I want to plant above and the light green of the irises.

I’m even thinking of calling this the iris bank. Just because I’m so bored with the barn garden bank, or the calabert bank. And it is ten metres long (about thirty feet) so it ought to be given a proper name.

You can see above the black pots which  is where I want to plant more hedging trees. So that will be hornbeams (carpinus betulus) again.  I’m nothing if not predictable.