Preparing the winter crops

artur in grassesNow that Artur is my friend again, he lets me into my potting shed without hissing and growling.

Small mercies. We seem to have remembered that this is a shared space and not a cat retirement home.

Andrew very kindly bought me two sacks of our favourite potting compost (Floragard) last Thursday. So I was able to get to and pot on all sorts of sown from seed plants.

My little eragrostis plants (modelled here by feline about to step on them) needed moving up a size. eragrostis potting up

And some of the ones I potted up last month were already growing out of their containers. I do love lustily growing plants.

And I even had time to pot on some good winter crops – Pink Passion Swiss Chard.  I have finally learnt how to enjoy my acres of chard.  Boil first and then stir fry.  Twice cooked does the trick.

chard for winterI even noticed that the little brassicas I sowed just a few days ago have germinated.  In between biblical floods, the weather is quite mild. We are having 21C days.  Chilly in the mornings when I go up to feed Artur and Jean Daniel’s birds. But it warms up quickly and the potting shed is positively toasty.