Farm views

And we’re back from the fleshpots and diversions of city, town and bustle.

Back to plodding to the top of the home paddock to look down on the view.

It’s parched. Very, very crispy. I took this shot early this morning after feeding Jean Daniel’s horses. I’m not normally up this way.

And these shots were taken a day after we had our first glorious rainfall in months. A whopping 25mm (an inch!). Great soaking stuff falling out of the sky.

But as you can see it’s all a bit late for a lot of the crops. Chestnuts and oaks defoliating well before autumn colours are supposed to make the trees look like this.

Still. Our livelihoods don’t depend on our chestnuts so I won’t grumble. Just showing you the parched scenes.

And who needed glorious sweeping terraces of lawn anyway?

Remember when I had to sacrifice this land for the new septic tank back in May?

At least the messy potager is still going mad.

I think the badgers and the hares and the deer all line up outside the gates at night, testing my defences.

And those fences look a bit rickety to me. To work. To work.