Wood stacking

woodtossingRain. Well, drizzle. But with wind and cold weather and it was enough to keep me lurking indoors again.

I moped. I made apple puree, I neglected to tidy my desk.

It was letter writing weather. And the leisure to order more seeds online.

And then, finally, when it was cabin fever beyond endurance, I walked down to the letter box at the next hamlet.  Godmotherly duty done.

And to try and get the little fitbit gadget ticking over, I went up and threw some wood.

It is warming work. You make use of the hill to toss the logs closer to the house. And try and avoid all the traps of newly planted trees and not quite built walls.miniwall

You can see the roll of my fencing lying there, waiting to be built. Next month perhaps.

And then once the pile was tidy I decided to tidy more of the top potager by scrabbling about collecting random stones.

I have now made my most unattractive wall to date. It was that sort of day.