The potting shed interior pimped

Yay! Put away the paint brushes, pack away the step ladder, flop into that chair.

I’m done.

This potting shed is officially sorted, organised and a delight to visit.

I ought to sell tickets.

I started by doing more of the chalk paint on the window frames (hiding the bright, too bright, brown).

That was fiddly.

Then I went outside to the north side of the building to do the wood work.

Ieven had enough to do the horizontal staging as well.

Luckily I had three good sunny days to get the coats done. And even apply two coats of the lacquer before it tipped down with rain.

And then after swanning about feeling very pleased it was on with the most dread job of all.

Underneath that staging on the north side.

Any of you who have a shed, a potting shed, or a passion for all things gardening know the truth.

One accumulates.

The ‘might need this’ pile just grew and grew.

And of course if you can shove it out of sight underneath it just gets worse.

So hands and knees. Out came all the junk. And an alarming pile of mess.

I did photograph a ‘before shot’ of this mess. But decided some of you might be reading this over breakfast and don’t need to see what vile things lurked underneath.

And most of it went to the tip, and the charity shop (we have a hardware charity shop for unwanted building materials and such) and a lot to friends who really didn’t need more bits of gardening kit… but hey. Spread the stuff I say.

Just don’t spread it all over my shed. I don’t need three gardening forks. I certainly don’t need broken ones. And boy do I have a lot of not brilliant pairs of secateurs. Pause while we remember the best, favourite pair buried somewhere in my potager…

All the while I worked I had leisure as a goal. And it took way too long (observe the horrors)…

There were days when I went up to the shed and just sifted things and put them in different piles rather than much else.

I kept saying, one day I will have my chaise longue back and actually sit in it.

But not if I could see things peeking out under the linoleum cover and black fabric skirts. (It was a leftover from the insulating fabric when Dario built this shed back in 2010.)

Happy now.

I even washed the windows.

Naturally I do still need to do a final clean and sort all the pots and potting material into the right size and place them in proper boxes on the south side of the staging. Those ones will be on show so they need to be orderly.

But for now I will just sit back and admire. And scratch bits of paint out from under my fingernails and hair.