Springtime crocuses

crocusinlawnNow isn’t that the perfect sign of spring? Crocus in the east garden lawn.  This is that magical time of year on the farm when things haven’t really burst into life, but you grab onto the colour of the early bulbs that have.

My mother and I planted these little crocus years and years ago – maybe the second year we were here. And they have spread gradually across the space.  Not a zillion bulbs, but enough to think they are a happy colony and more will come.

And I have other little crocus in the barn garden too.  I wish I could find my list of bulbs I planted in 2014 – but it is sitting on the other desk and I won’t have access until later next week.  But it is such a pleasure to see coming up.

[Andrew to the rescue. Of course. He saw the picture I posted on facebook and replied at once: Crocus tommasinianus.]

I had to cut away the old growth of the agapanthus between the clumps for aesthetic purposes.crocusbarngarden

And it was time I did too. Spring is coming. But there is still some not quite 9C weather to come next week.

But I feel it is safe to cut back the old growth.  I am going to get way too busy soon with all sorts of sowing and planting.

Well that is the plan.

morebeddiggingBut I keep finding things that still need to be weeded.  I had another session up at the top potager first thing this morning to warm up.

And it was perfect warming work. If not an aesthetic delight. But life isn’t all springtime bulbs and colourful delights.