Up close and personal

artur up closeNow who is the happier of the two on the mountain today? Me because I was able to work in the potager most of the day.  Artur because he had me in his sights all day.

And any time I paused in my labours, out he oozed from a shaded spot to demand some lap time.

He is funny, so I do oblige. And it was so hot that I didn’t mind the occasional sit down. But talk about clingy.

Despite the hot weather (and it is set to be hot for a whole week) I was determined to plant out all the plants left in the potting shed and in their pots. That’s logical, that’s where pots ought to be.  But plants need to be in the ground and not doing duty as slug food.

So out came rudbeckia plants, tomatoes, courgettes, calendula. All sorts. And I have watered well. I must go and check the source again this weekend. I know the water is flowing into the tank as I checked the little peep hole that lets me see into the water supply. But I don’t know how much is in the huge holding tank.

What I did notice is that I have another strimming task on my list – the top terrace around the spring is a jungle.

shade cloth in actionBut Andrew suspects I have trouble with my spark plug on the strimmer and that might be the reason why it’s a devil to get started.  But when do I find the time to get it serviced? I have tried to give the business to local people with servicing of the machine, but it’s not a success.  So it needs to go down to Iris Service in the valley where we bought it. They are the only reliable Viking mechanics.

But enough of tasks I must do.  What else was ticked off the list today? I cut back all the thyme plants on the plum terrace.   And the effect after the severe haircut is so hideous I will offer you a picture of Artur instead.

He has embraced the shade cloth I have put over the lettuce plants in the potager.  Mighty Bunnings in Australia – the suppliers of attractive dark green shade cloth that doesn’t look too out of place in a garden.   Adieu my hideous lime green cloth which was such an eye sore last season.

I also spent some serious time pricking out the last of the basil seedlings and potting on all the lavender cuttings I had taken last year and completely neglected.  And some rosemary seedlings. Oh, and I took another dozen santolina cuttings.  The ones I took a few weeks ago look alive and quite good in the shade of the bread oven.  Have I found the perfect place to propagate plants at long last?