Day is done

terrace work0930am and I’m done for the day. It’s hot out there and I’m dripping with perspiration.  I’ve mown one terrace. Well, mostly mown.  It’s a jungle down there on the lower slopes of the mountain.  If my strimmer was working, I’d start that way.

But the spark plug isn’t firing. So I fired up the mower instead.

And the best thing about the mower is I get to keep all the bits without having to rake an acre of ground.

I plan to have a mulch session up at the asparagus bed once it’s weeded.  But for now the grass can stay in heaps all over the place.

I’m pleased to see there is a good bit of fruit on the apple tree on the fourth terrace down.  And the crab apple looks laden. peach surviving curl

But naturally once I’ve put the mower away I have to walk past the main trees in the orchard. And it can be a walk of shame.

But this year the wet spring has helped.  The apple trees are fine.  But the battle of peach leaf curl is a perennial one.  The peach tree has perked up and from a distance almost looks like a fruit tree.

But it’s not laden with fruit.  So this is its last year.  I’m going to replace it with another apple.  Or will I? Maybe I’ll just dither.

Laziness is often called ‘organic’.  I treat peach leaf curl by picking off the affected leaves because I have always forgotten to spray (twice) with Cloque du Pecher product in spring.

Now it’s time to water the little basils in the potting shed, chat to Artur who is bound to be on a net on a bench, and try and hide from the heat.