A splash of colour

rudbeckiasIsn’t this rudbeckia bed fab? Shame it’s not mine. I’ve had a day trip down to Andrew’s. And I am agog every time I visit.

His cutting garden is groaning with flowers at this time of the year. And I wasn’t suprised that he had a bride with sister and mother in tow turning up to choose their bouquet direct from the garden for a Saturday wedding just as we had finished lunch.

Luckily I had a lap around first.

Netty's prideThese lilies Netty’s Pride has gone into my wish list book for next year’s bulb order. Just gorgeous.

And I have put Achillea Cerise Queen on my Chiltern Seed order as well.  Every time I go to Andrew’s I find something new to grow. achillea cerise queen

I was back around 530pm and had to throw myself at the fruit trees just to seize the day.

I have picked almost three kilos of cherries and then took a plastic bucket to the soft fruit orchard. Oh my. This is going to be a bumper season for white currants. I’ve never seen so many on the bushes.

artur on rockArtur was there to supervise all evening as I picked and picked. I couldn’t stop.  The seeds are so ripe they are pink. And mild and juicy.  I think I’ll make a few batches of plain white currant jam. But also add them to some black currants which look a bit smaller and more intense in flavour.

I usually make a white currant and raspberry jam. But alas, my raspberries are a disaster this year.  I need to replant the entire bed. And weed it and build it up and mulch with much more compost and manure.  I have taken my eye off the top potager while I have been developing the main one next to the house.

These things happen when you are mostly doing it all on your own.  Had I staff….

But at least I’m winning with cherries and currants, even if I lose on raspberries.