The seed sowing season begins

2seed filing cabinetDeep mid winter and many gardeners thoughts turn to seeds and the season ahead. Most of us are probably still ogling the catalogues, drawing up over-ambitious lists and order way too many seeds.

But I have held off so far.  In fact I have been organised and cautious this winter.  I have sorted the seeds I already possess and just gaze and gaze at the contents of my seed drawer.

Is anything missing? I still can’t tell.  I have almost a drawer full of brassicas and kale seeds. Heaps of broad beans, just enough peas. And I am determined to sow more cosmos flower seeds this year for the village. seeddrawer

The first off the rank will be the sweet peas and nasturtiums that I like to get going nice and early.

The weather is unfortunately turning colder so it will be a playful time in the seed sowing factory. At least Artur will be pleased to have the company.  Colder weather means I will probably have to find him a newer fleecy lined box. Right now he is perching on an old beach towell on one of my benches. There’s no accounting for taste.