The new look

Ta Da. A new look potting shed. Took hours, but it was so fun to be neat and creative at last in a little shed which occupies so much of my time and dreams. I came in for toast and Nutella and a large cup of tea. No idea what time it was and found to my delight that its only 5pm. Feels later, is that because I have done my watering already? Trying to get ahead of the overflow up in the water troughs. And it is fizzing out of the pipes, so I feel no guilt about drenching the garden with lovely free spring water.

So, distracted, I’m typing on half the screen and watching the Olympics on the other half. But it’s odd, I have found a French website that streams the Olympics live. But without any commentary. So right now I am watching the final of the dressage. An exquisitely beautiful discipline. But baffling indeed.

Earlier I had been just as baffled trying to work out where my rows of Swiss chard ought to go. These had been sown last month and were bursting out of their pots at the potting shed and needed to find space in the garden. Curse being too cute and clever with my designs. Next season I am going to be dull and conventional and plant in straight rows. Hopefully under the security of my many cloches. Once I build more. Or beg Bernard to build more. Neither of us have much time. Me to try and work out how the drill goes, and Bernard because so many other people have claims on his hours.

Where was I? Nutella hasn’t kicked in yet. Harvested more blackberries which I will have to freeze for future fruity tarts. Pulled more climbing French beans off the tepees. Lovely fresh and crispy things. And as soon as I have the energy I will head out to harvest lettuce and sort out the netting. Weeds are growing under the weed proof fabric (have to have a stern word with them about their role) and some of the lettuce have submerged underneath.

In sorting out the shed (joyous place to be now) I found some grass seeds that Lynn and Jeff gave me earlier in the year. So I have cast them thickly over the edge of the blackberry bushed and soft fruit in the hope that I will have more lawn than weeds later this year. Lawn seems to be the only thing that keeps out the monster growth of Ardeche prairie which threatens to overwhelm.

Yesterday I had bought two Nepeta plants (six hills giants no less) from the garden centre. Reduced to three euros each as they were so overgrown and potbound. But here was a chance to practice the propagating arts. I spent ages doing it, but it may produce plenty of new plants later in the year.