Creative composting

Back from town and a visit to good neighbours and finally built the new very temporary and rickety compost bins.

At long last I have decided to move out the slightly aromatic pallets that make up the floor of my potting shed (a bit chicken manure-ish when it gets hot) And replaced them with brand new ones I have been hoarding for months just waiting for a good few days of intensive garden work to put the plan into practice. I’m a wooden pallet scavenger – grab them whenever I see them. And even took one from Lynn and Jeff’s garden which someone must have abandoned.

It’s still a rustic floor. I wish I had the way to make proper floorboards. But that is one expense too far. But at least it looks better. And of course I noticed that I had only half painted it last winter. So back to the house for pots of white paint and I had a happy evening slopping the white stuff all over the old walls.

Bad light stopped play. It was after nine when I finally finished. Well, the paint finished. So leaving behind a complete tip of old pots, plastic bin bags spilling with containers, random cloches and wires and poles. Plus endless propagating grasses and seedlings outside for the night. I came in for a slight supper and planned an assault at first light.