A little farm flowering

I have come in for a break from wheelbarrow and soil work. Started on the building of the second flower bed today (well, have been ravaging the first to set up the second.) And even though they are only about one hundred metres distant, they do have two steep terraces between them. So it has been hot work. First I needed to lay down a layer of mulch from the compost bin. The bed sits mostly on bedrock, so if these grasses and verbenas are to thrive they needed more soil and food.

Then the laborious work of getting soil from up near potting shed, wheeling it all the way down the wonky path, then the treacherous steps (not doing that again) then wheel onto the grass path beside the vegetable bed (dodging past the blackberries) and onto the lawn.

Can’t wait to have the job done. But I think I have two or three wheel barrow loads to go. So on with a strong cup of tea and a reviving big of choc.

I was slowed but not hampered by rain. And now the bed starting to take shape. Doing grasses directly around the rocks that we piled up beforehand to make a rather artistic scene. And verbenas and nepetas in between.

Done. Watered mightily and we shall have to see if the verbena survived the rather abrupt transplant.

I need to pick more sticks to make yet more wood chips as a mulch. But it’s hot and steamy and rather unpleasant to forage in this heat. But needs must.

When I was uprooting the grasses and the many verbenas I couldn’t help but notice that the two stars of the trail bed are the cheapest: the liatris sciata bulbs (bit like sciatica so easy to remember after my compost work) cost only 99pence from the discount store. Must go and beg and see if they have any more. And the Agastache Liquorice Blue came from a packet of seeds. They have the unfortunate appearance of stinging nettles before they flower. But once out and in flower they are performing well. And on minimum watering or fussing. They will both feature in future flower plans.