The before shots

land to sort 1This is an incentive: I am showing the ‘before’ shots of the pool bank to inspire me to show you the ‘after’ in a few days time.

I have grown all the eragrostis curvula grasses from seed months ago. They are lurking behind the potting shed and need to get into the ground.

But I just haven’t been able to get to this part of the garden yet.  And try as I might to show you a project without a winsome cat in the shot, I can’t. Artur loves this grubby and mucky part of the steep bank above the pool. You can just spot him blending nicely into the granite stones. land to sort

He won’t be pleased with all the excavation work I’m planning. But I’m sure he can curl up neatly around the new grasses I want to plant.

It’s actually going to be a project I want to spend a lot of time on.  I think I need to either build up the edges with rocks, or chestnut lots. And I can’t do that on my own.  And there is a lot of vegetation to scrape off the rocks.  But for the first stage I want to get the weeds off and then see what I can do to get the good grasses in.  They do well in this dry as can be steep slope. It just takes a few years for them to take off.  And unlike many places, they don’t invade.  Good grasses indeed.