Half an after

half cleared bankNow this is good.  I’m actually getting the weeds off these rocks.  And unearthing all sorts of goodies: bull ants, flowering thymes, stones, soil, achillea, festucas.

I couldn’t quite work out how to start; so I just began at the far left end and moved up.

I even had a pathetic go at building a small wall at the very base of the bank. I need to hold back the tide of soil that will make its way down the steep slope.

But the main thing is getting in my grasses. Normally I would clear the whole thing. Look back at my lunar landscape of dry as dust dirt. And then replant. nine eragrostis in

But I decided to get nine little eragrostis curvula grasses in first. They aren’t doing much good in pots.

So they can hopefully get their roots down and keep things stable.

I have days and days of work to do here. But I think (lunchtime) I’ll pause.

barn garden viewOne of the good things about working on this steep slope is I get to stand up, ease my back, and look up at the barn garden above.

One day bank, when you are weed free, properly mulched and stable, you too can have a lot of plants to delight the eye and keep down the weeds.