Street trees

Now this is what I call a street tree.

streetview2None of your spindly numbers where the stake for the tree is larger than the trunk.  Proper stonkingly beautiful trees.

I hope the residents appreciate them.  I’ve just done my second detour in two days to admire them.


And the bark is fab too.


I was mooching about Seaforth streets in search of examples of particular planting schemes. Friends are redesigning the area around their swimming pool and I immediately thought of kangaroo paw (anigozanthus). Against a dark grey wall what could be better?

They are long flowering (four months worth of colour at least), low maintenance and can look stunning.

And on Ellery Parade I found  them. Here is what I mean.


The owner of the house (and this simple mass planting scheme) happened to be home when I stalked up to take a photo.

We got chatting. Oh yes, he travels to France often, has been near our part of the country. And after extolling the virtues of this simple but beautiful plant asked if I would like some flowers?

‘They get in the way when I reverse the car out’.


‘Yes please!’

And in a trice I was walking away with a HUGE armful of four-foot long flowers and a great big smile.  Gardeners. Good people.