After posts that are relentlessly brown and beige, it’s time to don the sunglasses and get a look at some wacky Australian flowers.

Yes, a picture post card this week from Sydney.


Well the beautiful waratahs are from Ruth at Mt Irvine. The white ones are rare. And the whole plant is exquisite.

IMG_9896As are the ones I snapped at a flower shop out at Terrey Hills where we went to a plant nursery and cut flower shop to buy flowers for my mother’s 80th birthday party. And the plants for her birthday present.


I know, utterly predictable. Coals to Newcastle and all that. But it was fun to be among Australian native plants again.

And how odd to be in Sydney in spring when the wisteria covering the house is in bloom.  Most of the flowers get eaten by possums (the buds) and the sulphur crested cockatoors like to pull off the flowers and shred them on the lawn. Just for sport.

You may get a bit of this over the next week:


And possibly this:


That’s a kookaburra for those who can’t see clearly (Kingfisher family). It’s bird-tastic here at Seaforth.


And I even have the delights of a rainbow lorrikeet family nesting in the roof just above my bed.  They do a lot of nest housekeeping at 410am.  I’ll try and get a shot of them for you.  The adults are feeding and I think I can hear two or three baby birds chirping.