Spring trees

cherry roadHere you go. Proof that spring comes every year and the cherry blossom appears.

This one at the top potager is always the first to burst into flower.  The ones along the road are always a week or ten days behind.

They seem poised to explode. For days. I keep looking at them and wondering if they have opened any further.  The weather is not helping.  Boy it’s wild at the moment.

Very frustrating for a gardener with Lists.


In the orchard the peach and nectarine are out. Always the first.








You have to squint hard to see the colour of the blossom among the backdrop of the other garden trees.

And some odeadtreef the garden trees are in a very sorry state.  I lost a large-ish chestnut on a lower terrace. It looks as if it snapped hard in a strong storm. deadplumbranch I’m glad I wasn’t around when it fell.  (I had a close call with a mirabelle branch just yesterday in the wind.)

And the annoying plum trees in front of the house are doing their usual dying branch by branch trick every winter.

This is the far right plum.  Low on production. Big on suckering all over the garden.  Nicolas had to saw off a fallen branch in February, and I had one that was clinging by a bit of bark to attend to upon my return.

At least it chips well and turns into good mulch. But really. I like a fruit tree which fruits.

Bring on proper spring I say. I can see buds on all the other fruit trees. And the soft fruit orchard is rather thrilling. Full of promise.

But don’t be fooled by close ups of blossom. This is still a late winter landscape. Well, an early spring one. I can’t wait for a bit more warmth.

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