Spring time seed sowing

1bean and pea sowingThis is the best bit. Sitting in the sunshine, on a comfortable seat and sowing seeds like mad.

You might just see a dull expanse of brown with some spooky straight rows (they are the irrigation hoses). So I am trying to distract you with a carpet of violets I photographed yesterday.  These are on the duck pond terrace, intermingled with wild garlic.

So with my rocket salad, I have the garnish ready made: pretty violets and garlicky notes from the wild stalks.

Oh, you were expecting to see a perfectly staged photograph of the salad I have created? Sorry, this is busy day. I have to make the most of the good weather before the rain. I was a seed sowing machine today.  The salad was eaten on the hoof. Every time I walked past the bed that has rocket I just grabbed a handful and munched.1potager sown

Today I sowed more peas, radish, dwarf French beans, carrots and parsnips.

The parsips and carrots just get scattered across the beds. It’s a forlorn attempt to baffle the mole rat which is at it again.  If I sowed them in perfect rows (as I used to) then the mole rat just gorges his way down the rows.

1plant labelsAt least the critter has to work a bit hard for its food.

If you look carefully at the beds (and avoid the shot of cat who insists on sitting right where the broad beans are poised to sprout) you can see that I have repainted my labels. I’ve pimped my potager as Andrew would say.

The cabbages (choux) are not ready yet to go out, and I’m hesitating about the nasturtiums which are putting on strong growth. I think I’ll keep them in the potting shed a few more days. The temperature is set to fall again.  Just when you think this is spring and you are whirling about like a dervish trying to get the crops into the ground.