Spring time grass moving

1eragrostis growingOrnamental grasses are on the move. Spring is the perfect moment; you can see the new growth on the eragrostis grasses since I cut them back last month.  So that means it’s safe to heave them out and put them somewhere else.

Fear not. I’m not messing about with this pool bank of eragrostis. Aren’t they stunning in the blazing sunshine?

I needed to move a few that were in the shade garden bank and on the path in front of the barn garden bank.

There were a few gaps up on the oak bank where I hope to have a sea of eragrostis this summer.1repairs lower t

And when you get your fork in under them they do give a rather satisfying rip.  Beastly of me I know but some things are violent in the garden business.

I moved them rather fast and watered lavishly. And hope they will not be too cross.  Ornamental grasses are very forgiving. And fetching.

After that fun start I plodded about the garden with more mundane grass varieties. Gazon rustique. The workhorse of the lawns.

I have a few bald patches that need repairing.  A lot of the grass seeds I have already sown are just taking. Teensy little plants that will welcome the rain that is due in the next few days.

But I have to sow a few more areas.

Luckily I have 1seed sowing lower terraceplenty of mole hill soil all over the garden to put to use in this seed sowing project. In fact I was going to start this blog with the words ‘bloody moles’.

That was the first thing I said when I walked out this morning.  My, they have been active. In all the wrong places.

But at least I was able to scoop up the soil and mix them in with my grass seeds.

This part of the lower terrace is the very last bit of flood damage from a few years back. It bothers me that I can see where the gravel from the courtyard ended up during that calamatous morning.

We have all picked and picked the gravel but it seems to resurface no matter how 1grass seed work lower tmany hands and knees sessions one devotes to collecting bucket loads. But hopefully now the grass will regenerate and I won’t have to be reminded of it every time I walk down the lower terraces.

My little helper ended up in every single shot for the rest of the day. He was enjoying the sunshine as much as I was. And I had a lot of grass seed to sow one more terrace down.

This area is under the mulberry tree and it has taken a battering from the invasive vinca (periwinkle). I have dug and pulled up as much as I can and hope now that if the grass seeds take hold it will be a pleasant place for Artur to snooze from now on.

And if you look closely, you will see that one of those dark blobs is not a rock.