Spit Bridge trees

This way lies lunch.

Down there is a lovely Moroccan restaurant called Affous where I will meet two of my favourite cousins.

But I’m early. Of course. It’s a Sinclair affliction.

I had no idea how long it would take walking from home. In fact it was a zippy 45 minutes down to the marina.

So I had plenty of time to do a lap and visit some of my favourite trees.

These ones.

How wacky is that.

Please don’t ask me the variety.¬† I always forget. I am forever just saying ‘Moreton Bay Figs’ but that’s not right.

This little park beside the sea is adrip with incredible plants.

Those are Norfolk Island pines.

And these are what we call paper bark trees.

I resisted the urge to race up and pull off the bark.

Does that mean I have acclimatized to this city? Am I getting blasé about the trees?

Things like these angophora growing out of rocks.

The treat of the day was to spend time with my cousins. I am blessed with dozens and dozens and dozens of them. But B and B….

A tonic. A pause.