Grevillea Groupie

Let’s see. I have woken way too early. 0435am. I almost tried to pretend it was later in the morning and just try to be asleep.  But the possums that nest in the roof directly above the bed were shuffling and battling on their way back inside after a night on the tiles.

And then it was the rowers coming up the harbour with the outboard motor of the coach in his little speedboat beside them.  The rhythmical sound of the oars was lovely. The ‘tinny’ outboard motor … not so much.

The Rainbow Lorrikeets were all lined up near the bird feeder waiting for sunflower seeds.

Then I thought: ooh good, I can reply to emails while the northern hemisphere is still up and chatting.  Then Facetime with David. He is out at our farm on his own this week and I was very jealous that he announced his new passion:

Flower arranging. My dahlias and zinnias! That’s my life! I feel usurped.

Luckily there is one plant that I can only enjoy in their full glory here in Australia.

The mighty Grevillea.

Here they are in all their spring glory.

Have a gaze on these beauties.

Just fab.

It’s like having a plant and a pet at the same time. Soft and lovely.

I’ll keep an eye out for others on my walks.