The morning walk

Puhlease, enough with these effing trees. There is no context here. You just shove tree pictures at us without any context. Or action. This is passive slideshow stuff. Enough.

Okay. Have a blue tongue lizard instead.

Huge fat beast. And I know it was a lizard, and it’s utterly harmless. But I was walking down a very steep set of steps at the time and I couldn’t see the legs.

I caught sight of something massive and snake shaped just below me near the steps and I froze in panic. Cue snake adrenalin spike.

I didn’t want to retrace my steps. It was steep. And the creature was just getting its sun kicks on the edge of the path.

So I found a stick (just in case) and then looked as closely as I could to see if it was going to rear up and have a go (snake) or scuttle (lizard).

It did neither. Just opened its big mouth and showed a very blue hissing tongue.

Phew. Safe.

I leapt over him and went on my way.

But it is a reminder of peril that awaits if you are daydreaming and not being on the lookout for reptiles early in the morning.

Reward bit for reading this far:

Manly. Have another.

Fairlight pool.  I get up pretty darn early so you can enjoy these shots, so a gasp and marvel if you please.

Note – no tourists. Not a soul.

This pool is usually heaving with the throng.

And if you think I was having a good old meditative start to the day (after the Lizard Incident) have a look at these two.

Om. I think they were facing east.

May I come home now please? The glare is hurting my eyes.