Sitting on the fence

palisade fencingJust kidding; you couldn’t perch on this fence, it’s too flimsy.  But I wanted to do a little photo gallery of what I’ve made so far.

I’m pleased with the work; but need to put it to the deer and hare test. Today it had the gusty wind test. It survived.

I need to build the little bits of fencing that skirt around the apple tree on the edge of the lawn and the orchard.  And the bit near the compost. And then I’m done.

I’m trying to think like a deer and ask myself whether they would really scramble up a very loose steep bank covered in nettles to get to the vegetable garden.  If they don’t, then I don’t need to build more fencing around the front of the orchard.  If they are keen on lettuce, then I might have to spend more days making fencing.

And I’m just in complete denial about the resident hare.