A morning mow

morning mowIt’s 30 Celsius today and I had to get up early to mow the orchard before the sun blasted over the mountain top.

It’s looking a treat; except for what looks like a mole convention with lots of criss crossing runs and soil galore.  But that’s fine, it’s only grass and meadow here, so nothing to worry about.

I’m actually hiding indoors from the heat for a bit.  I must finish the last bit of fence. But it’s in full sun and I’m not a mad dog nor and Englishman.

I managed to eke out the very last of the compost and put up 80 plants for the village. I’ve decided as it’s already June to give them sedums, verbena bonariensis, gaura along with the usual cosmos.  Perennials. Drought tolerant ones. potting shed cat

I really ought to be more organised and get some plants in the autumn sorted for the village.  It’s the tyranny of the long list in one’s own garden.

I had a hot and overheated cat supervising the potting on.  Good thing I don’t have any small seedlings in trays: he loves to lie on the cool damp compost.