walnut bank plantsIs a long watering session anything but lavish? It’s so much fun. Especially when the water comes off the mountain side and the tanks are full.

And it gets me to have a good look at the newly planted areas of the garden.

This walnut bank is looking great – all the little plants have put on growth and the epimediums never fail to please me.

And naturally the sound of water brings my snoozing Artur out of his lair.  He was very active for about half an hour today.  But it was hot and windy and he preferred the shade. hosta sieboldiana

But the hose. My he loves water, that cat.  He followed me about while I did the twice monthly dose of deep watering of my new hedge plants.

Everything is fine – apart from all the mole runs under the hornbeam trees.  They aren’t rocking too much in the wind, but it can’t help having such gaps under their roots.

And the hostas in the shade garden are about to flower. These are the sieboldianas and I’m determined to get more.  They suit the shade, and suit the blue of the festuca glauca grasses nearby.

oak detailI’m happy with the oaks in the meadow above the courtyard too. (Sorry, this is such gush, but I had such a great day).

They were bending in the gusty wind but I’m pleased the weeds haven’t encroached on the heavily mulched area around their base.  The green oak (chene vert) doesn’t look as handsome.  But that’s fine. The wildflower meadow is so lush and tall it hides most things.

artur in tall grassArtur even leapt through the tall grass to follow the hose for this part of the operation.  He was brave, even I felt it was too deep for comfort.  we are probably both getting ticks.

There are playful dips in the deep grass and you have to watch your step.

I want to do a bit of landscaping up here this autumn.  But with a light hand; I like the wildness of the space.

Especially as your eye leads up to the terrace and forest above.  I’m trying for the borrowed landscape look. happy oaks

And it all depends on whether my cuttings of the santolinas I took yesterday work out. I need some freebie plants to make this mass planting idea work.