Retrofitting the pics

mulched lavender longHere are the photos I wanted to post two weeks ago.  I’m on the replacement camera and it is going to be put to use over the next two weeks. Things really have exploded into life. I love spring.

But one place where I am hoping not to see explosions of weeds is the new lavender bed.  This was the result from the day of creating mulch from the forest sticks last month.

I can’t believe that the huge volume of wood could be reduced to such a thin looking layer of mluch. But I actually applied it rather thickly; and it’s a very large area.  So I know that it is doing a lot of good.  mulched lavender

lavender and tulipsFeeding the soil, protecting it from evaporation, smothering weeds, and looking a bit better than bare soil.

Not that soil is bare for long around here.

The best bit is knowing that I can now take my eyes off this part of the garden for a bit; there is so much that needs doing and that mainly involves getting all the veg in.

So tomorrow it will be more pricking out of the seedlings and doing a bit of sowing of the seeds that didn’t take.  And about a dozen more things that will have me beetling about from dawn to dusk happy as can be.