The first mow

morning weedHave I said that before? I think it’s the mower’s first outing of the year.  Blazing sunshine at 9am. I thought I had best get a spot of scything done before it got too hot.

But where are the sweeping vistas of wonky curves and perfectly manicured grass? I don’t have time for a proper long session of mowing. It’s too warm already. And I have the grasses to transplant.

But I thought I’d best to a teensy bit. Especially as I really need to mulch this bank of thyme in front of the house. thyme to weed

And I mulch it with grass cuttings. I can’t face doing more sticks.  So it’s a start.

The thyme plants are gorgeous – fat and happy and putting on even more growth than I ever imagined. It’s one of the landscaping projects that has actually worked.

But I have to suppress the grass seeds that seem to grow up in between the plants. It didn’t take too long. And now I can just pull out the interlopers each time I pass.

Now it’s time for a large cup of tea and back out to the List.