I am sitting down to two strange things: the blog and non paint spattered arms.

I have spent the better part of a week madly painting the railings of our terrace.

I was only able to get four hours in each morning as it is just too hot after 12pm or so as the paint cooks in the heat.

And as my mother knows, it’s fiddly. She did all the sanding down of the rust and the first undercoat.   Those decorative swirls are ‘a nightmare’ as Ron Weasley would say. I’ve been kept entetained during this task by listening to Stephen Fry read the unabridged Harry Potter in my ears while I worked.

I do have the railing by the steps to go. It is still a lovely Farrow and Ball undercoat grey. But I think if it is as warm as this, I can get two coats done before lunch.

Artur helped this morning by insisting on sitting on the drop sheet and watching me work. But he must have caught sight of a creature in the garden, as he stalked off and peered quiveringly at the ground for a bit.

I couldn’t watch for long; the paint was drying. But I’d rather watch Artur than paint dry any day.