Thriving on neglect

Is this the best garden plant for a hot garden? The mighty and humble lavender.

I have forgotten to water them for a month at least. And with so much hot weather and so little rain they really have had to soldier on.

But they flower like mad and don’t shrivel and shriek.

Last year I followed the Filippi method of dry garden planting by watering all the shrubs with a large bucket of water every two weeks. For a year. And never watering them again.

And the results show. My lavenders in the lavender bank which were planted last year are plump and healthy.

The rest are fine. But they had an erratic start.   First up, too much rain for three months, which made it feel mad to be pouring more water over them. And now drought.

Next week I shall harvest all the flowers and give things a good weed. And try and get back on track.