Little battlers

tulips in barrelAlive! Alive! My seedlings are alive. Nothing beats arriving at the house, racing out to the barn and finding no scene of carnage. I am relieved.   It looks as thought the cool shade of the calabert barn is a suitable place for my little seedlings. I don’t seem to have lost anything.

And thanks to Jean Daniel, our lovely neighbour, the rest of the plants up by the potting shed are pretty good too. Poor man took his job very seriously and watered every day.   Thank goodness I was able to thank him in the form of pick your own asparagus.   But I am touched that he cared so much about the plants. He is not a gardener, in that same obsessed and fussing about crops and flowers way that I am.   potting shed plants survived

wildflowers and weedsI haven’t had time to really inspect everything, but will do tomorrow.   Right now I’m knackered and ready for bed.   But I did manage a quick three hour watering session of the rest of the farm.   Things to report.   But tomorrow.   I can barely keep my eyes open.   Needless to say the short report is lush – weeds, plants, flowers, lawns and trees.   There is going to be a very busy week of work here to get things into shape.