Heatwave produce

There you are. The month is almost over.

Well that’s what happens when you are still positive with Covid twelve days on. And it’s such a bugger!

My lungs feel heavy and I am not about to be doing any steep uphill walks anytime soon. But I had to catch a train eventually. So I donned two masks and felt very guilty being on the move.

But there is only so much lolling about on the rug of the London apartment living room and counting down the hours until departure day. And I had rescheduled my ticket three times.

So getting back was beyond thrilling.

And it’s that lovely combination of finding a potager full of vegetables and flowers.

And one feral creature who is beyond thrilled to have someone to play with again.

Being a trip hazard is by far her favourite pastime.

That and rolling down steep slopes. And checking with every rotation that you are watching and applauding.

Weird. She does make me laugh.

In the jungle the borlotta beans have romped away. And are making a bit of a dash for things other than the raised beds.

Luckily enough are scrambling over the tops to make a bit of shade.

It’s ghastly and hot and there looks to be no let up for the next two weeks at least.

I have done one lavish water since I returned. And that will be it. Our water supply is running out! And that’s the town water. We received an email that announced we have a ‘penurie’ of stock in our commune and the water company is working hard to try and get some through the pipes.

First mustard and now water. There is still some water in the underground source, so we might be switching over and dribbling bits on the precious plants.

But actually the potager is in fine fettle. The tomatoes have romped with my absence. I’ll need to take a pair of secateurs to that rampant growth.

And I found a few annoying surprises in among the jungle. Monster marrows.

I should have put my secateurs next to the ridiculous beast to give you an idea. But actually I added it to a meal of stir fry without incident – just went at it with a vegetable peeler and added marjoram, chilli flakes and garlic. Quite a mount of ribbon delight.

Now for flower work.