Vintage potting shed table

I am supposed to be back home. Watering the potager, retaming the wild cat. (She goes feral if I’m away too long.)

Instead two momentous things happened on the 7th July here in London.

Yes. The Prime Minister resigned (at last). And I caught Covid.

I celebrated by spending two days in bed feeling feverish, aching and very rough. And now one day just being floppy and gorging on online newspapers and podcasts.

I can’t manage much more than passive reading and listening and counting the hours until the next paracetamol dose.

Thank goodness I had my three vaccines. I’m on the waiting list for number four. And I am very vexed that I caught it. London is a Covid soup, but I was masked!


But if all is well I can stagger out to France next week and Resume.

And enjoy the delights of my new acquisition.


A zinc topped potting table from Andrew.

Isn’t it gorgeous? There is a hole in the centre so you can either drain water from your seedlings. Or just brush the spilt compost through into a waiting bucket below. (Not shown as I haven’t had time to drag a nice tin bucket into position.

It was a rush to get it into the potting shed before we left and the sciatica prevented me even trying to hold up an end (it weighs a tonne!).

It met with the instant seal of approval as it’s rather cool to lie on in the heat.

Fat chance she had of enjoying this new bit of real estate for very long.

I have summer sown kale plants that need attention. And my slow to germinate Warrigal greens from Lisa. Well they are only sow to germinate as I neglected them in the mad springtime sowing. But it’s a blessing as I can now keep up a spinach supply for longer.

They might live in the potting shed all summer as it’s shaded.

I had just enough time to sit and gaze at it. (I need my chaise longue back – it went into my office in the house.)

Instead I perched gingerly on the hard backed chair with you know who for company…

And it now feels like a rather complete potting shed. Once I find a less punishing perch.