Supersize succulents

The consequences of a mild climate. No frost.

Need I say more?

This ‘small’ succulent is growing out of a rock on the way to Seaforth. It’s bigger than me.

I wanted to take a scale picture of this huge thing. But that would involve stepping in the traffic. And even though it’s a quiet street, it would be Just My Luck to be fetched off.

Jet lag makes one erratic. Especially with mad garden snapping plans. I don’t remember seeing it on my walk last year. Surely it can’t have grown this much in a year?

I seem to remember there was a time when most people just landscaped with murraya hedging (a sort of evergreen mock orange) and agapanthus.

Now it’s succulents all the way.

These particular succuents are ubiquitous. I swear every second garden has a dozen of these beasts. I’m not a fan.

Especially when they decide to flower.

I’d much rather these other Sydney ‘weeds’.

Strelitzias everywhere. You will know them as Birds of Paradise.

I’ll leave it there. I never seem to have time to actually write proper sentences. My free time is spent on the move. So be prepared for photo essays for a bit.

I promise to move away from succulents.