Green is the new green

1regent park plantingBedding plants. Not madly me. That’s two days in a row where I find I’d much rather be somewhere else and seeing something else.  But Regent’s Park has to entertain the visitors all year round, so that means they rip out the summer bedding schemes and put in something that will ‘do’ over winter.

Look at that chocolate rich mulch going down in the beds.  Well rotted leaf mould by the colour of it.

Now that is something I would yearn for and gladly carry away in my Santa sack. I haven’t made a special leaf mould cage this year. The one I have been using for a few years is located down behind the rabbit shed on the first terrace below the road.  And it has become a bit inaccessible.  I need to re-do the path going down to the terrace as it’s too steep and narrow for the wheelbarrow.

And there is a small matter of creeping brambles invading the leaf mould cage.

I might try and make a new one behind the hedge at the far west end of the property. Easier access and there are no brambles up there.  Mind you, I am away this week; who knows how much growth of the beasts will take place unchecked in my absence.

Here are my bedding plants for winter; grasses and gaura, sage cuttings and chard in the potting shed. A much more pleasing sight to me.