Grassy knolls

calamagrostisPlump and juicy – that’s how I like the ornamental grasses.   The calamagrostis Karl Foeresters had a cracking winter. Lots of rain in the late autumn and they just hunkered down during the worst of the snow.   This is the calamagrostis planted as a tiddler last year.   It does get more of the watering in this area as the hose reaches this one plant quite easily.   I have to haul onto 200 feet of hose to reach the rest, so they are smaller.   But this shows just what a bit of moisture and tlc can do.   I can’t wait to see it flower in summer.

pennisetum bank juneFlowering is what is happening in the pennisetum bank.   But it’s not the grasses that are putting on a show.   I didn’t get round to weeding this bank before the blast of wildflower growth in April.   And then just decided to let it go.   Some of the plants are very fetching – particularly the digitalis.   But I will need to climb in here and try and see how many pennisetums there are alive.   If all goes well I will add more of my mighty eragrostis plants to this bank and see if they can add some stature and structure to a rather blank bank.