Let the confiture commence

strawberry jam 2010And here we go: jam making begins. I have drawn up a list of the jams I want to try and make this year. And if you exclude the jars of soft fruit I made from the frozen berries from last year in February, the season opens with the strawberry and rose petal jam.   Only a few pots, and I have to try and get another batch in before the roses fade. roses for jam

Strawberry and rose petal jam

Cherry jam

Blackcurrant jam

Whitecurrant jam

Jostaberry jam

Mirabelle jam

Raspberry jam

Blackberry jam

Plum jam

Peach and almond jam

Apricot and almond jam

Mulberry jelly

Fig jam

And I have started on the elderflower champagne; but want to try a few more things this year:

Dried apple rings

Dried apricot jam

Quince paste

Cranberry and apple paste

Pickled aubergines (last year’s great success at the Christmas fare)

Dried herbs and dried flowers for tea

That ought to keep me out of trouble. wisteria bed