Frilly bits

close up nepetaThe soft fruit on the bushes may still be stubbornly green; but there are plenty of colourful bits in the rest of the garden.   This nepeta remnds me that I really must lift and divide it after flowering.   It all seems to be huddling down one end of the bed.

And now that I have weeded look what has appeared just beside the mint – the patty’s plum poppy that I thought had died.   Gorgeous colour. But very lonely on its own and towering over all the other plants in the area.   If the tooth fairy wants to bestow any wishes, may I have a dozen more please? pattys plum

poppies and cornflowersNo such shortage of flowers in the wildflower bits of the garden.   All that squeezing of poppy seeds in September has yielded lovely results.   And the cornflowers have bulked up well despite the cold winter.

All I need now is to have some poppies that can be cut for the vase and last more than a day. wildflowers next to pool

salvia outThe salvia caradonnas have proved wonderfully hardy.   They are bursting out of the herb garden bed and also on the terrace behind the potting shed. herb garden june

rose and stipaWhy even the manky rose in the courtyard is putting on a display.   Does it get another year’s grace? We shall see. If I was bored (hah!) and had time, I would pick off all the yellowing leaves from the bush. Instead I just admire the giant stipa in front.   It is going to flower this year which is a thrill. It has sulked for two years now and finally is doing what it is designed to do.   I’m hoping the flowers will mask the rose behind.

And also in the courtyard are some future frillies: huge bulging pots of lilies that Andrew potted up for me.   All flowers for the house, and when they are over I shall sink them in the shade garden. lily pots