Grass harvesting

1sacks of grassWell, that is what it is. If you heard me this afternoon you would think I was mowing lawns. For six whole hours. But really, I’m just collecting all the grass cuttings to use as a mulch.

This was my first big session of the year. I did have a quick go of the orchard and track a few days back. But this was the whole shebang: main lawns, duck pond, east garden, walnut path and even three of the lower terraces. And the verges down the road.

I do so love taking my mower for a walk. And you get a core muscle group workout if you stray too close to the sloping edges on the lower terraces as you have to haul the heavy mower back before it tips over.

So yes, I’ve earned a beer or two.

I’m having computer problems at the moment – I can’t transfer files or copy photos easily. So life is a bit basic. And one thing that I realised on my long plod this afternoon is how dull my brain becomes without an entertaining talking book playing on my earphones.1walnut path mown

It’s a good thing I could talk to the cat during my breaks to empty the grass catcher and fill more bags with clippings.  I found it eerily quiet.  Once you’ve gone through the list of what needs doing, and plans for the next few days, then all you really do is study the grass beneath your feet.

I’ve worked out that early April is the best time to get in the first cut.  The violets which have carpeted the lower terraces are just going over. And it’s still too early for the wild salvias and thymes to put on enough growth to get checked by the mower blades.  So I feel I have snuck in at an optimal time.

I have been cutting heads of nascent nettles and just emerging brambles which always feels great.

And I wanted to test how it went with the mower down my track. And life on the second terrace with fewer boulders in the way.  Manu did a good job. It is definitely easier now.

Still darn hard as it slopes. But any time I can reduce the need to strim and just mow is a bonus.  It also reminds me that the strimmer has been at the service people for a whole month now and they haven’t touched it. Time to retrieve it and find someone who will do it quickly methinks.   Grass is sprouting. As are the weeds.